Salute to Dudley Althaus

Dudley Althaus, one of the best journalists ever to report from Latin America.

My friend and former Houston Chronicle colleague Dudley Althaus is retiring today.  One of the smartest things I ever did was to approve his hiring as Mexico City Bureau chief for the Chronicle while I was managing editor.  He was already based in Mexico City, and he had wonderful and detailed institutional knowledge of the country and its government. After budget cuts in Houston, Dudley went to work for The Wall Street Journal. His detailed reporting and elegant prose have ceased to be published in U.S. journalism. I hope that is only temporary, but having communicated with Dudley recently I fear his retirement will really mean retirement. It’s a shame. His last story appeared today in the Journal.  Sam Quinones today has published a very nice blog item on Dudley in which he describes Dudley’s role as the leader of the Mexico City press corps. I share Sam’s concern that newspapers have cut budgets to the bone. Democracy will suffer. Unfortunately, international coverage has been among the items editors have found easiest to cut. What has happened to news media and, specifically, newspapers, is one of the great tragedies of journalism history. I hope, somehow, a recovery will be made in the ongoing transition to the Digital Age, but I doubt it.

Dudley was like most great writers I ever worked with. He fretted every detail. He was meticulous in fact checking. He was always concerned with fairness. He developed a deep and abiding love and respect for the people of Mexico and all of Latin America. He lamented the poverty he saw daily. He taught me a great deal about Latin America and helped stimulate my own learning and love for the Latin American culture.  At the Chronicle, he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his reporting on the cholera epidemic in Peru. Back in the 1990s, the Chronicle had resources to allow Dudley to travel widely. He loved the job, and I gave him wide latitude. He never failed to produce journalism of relevance and interest to our readers in Houston.

On my last day of work at the Chronicle, in late May of 2003, Dudley happened to be in Houston, and I was honored to have drinks with him when I left the office. I always have a room for you in Dallas, my friend. And, as you know, I keep a nice supply of tequila for such special occasions.