Trump and his language

The news today is full of accounts of a White House meeting yesterday on immigration. Trump, apparently after becoming agitated, made strong comments about some nations, including Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries.  Early news accounts said he referred to the nations as “shithole countries.” In a follow-up story today in The Washington Post, Trump seemed to deny the use of the profane term.  My very proper Methodist mother, were she alive, would say that she would like to wash the president’s mouth out with a bar of soap. Democrats and some Republicans are understandably outraged by the remark, if it were made. Rights groups have also condemned such comments. The pattern of Trump’s harsh language and insulting references to people, including some world leaders, unfortunately continues.

Democrats have been floating for months the idea that Trump is unstable, possibly suffering early Alzheimer’s, and in any case is unfit to be president. Their fantasy involves some scenario, impeachment or possibly the people in the White House uniting in the effort, where Trump would be removed from office. Any such scenario seems a remote possibility, at best. The Trump presidency continues to be erratic and at times irrational, despite regrouping at the end of 2017 to pass a major rewrite of the tax code. Democrats are fearful that the tax cuts will turn out to be popular with the public, which they probably will.

Nonetheless, Trump damages his presidency and his own standing by the crudeness of his language. Several months ago, his rant against NFL players who won’t stand for the National Anthem is such an example. His desire to “get that son of a bitch off the field” is just not necessary. And this was well after the release of audio recorded before his campaign in which he referenced grabbing a certain women’s body part. Now, I try not to be a prude about language. The level of profanity used by both young men and women frequently strikes me as vulgar, disrespectful and unnecessary. Trump is not only setting a bad example, but he plays into the hands of opponents who believe he has brought a mean-spiritedness to the White House. Whether mean spirited or not, Trump displays a rude and crude nature that is unbecoming of a president.

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